FREE SAUSAGE is a no nonsense-nonsense farce mixing elements of Live , AV, comedy, dance, kitch tangos, massive noize and a bit of social panache.
The unlikely team of MARS/BUCHANAN combine their disparate (or rather desperate) respective talents and subject them to the cultural meatgrinder. The subsequent results produce a rather colorful pastiche of contemporary art sausages in all their interesting (or not) variations.
Imagine a musical comedy directed by Mel Brooks , choreographed by Jerome Bel with music by Merzbow ! IS it comedy, dance, satire? Is it highbrow, lowbrow, eyebrow ? Is it theater, a crime, is it a shame ? IT ‘s sausage. Not just any sausage, but a FREE SAUSAGE!
FREE SAUSAGE reflects the contradiction and paradox
of contemporary life. Its meaningful, yet its not. It has much to say, yet nothing at all. Its serious, but nonsense.
The sausage is free, BUT you must buy the Vacumn Cleaner !