After presenting “Mécaniques Discursives” by Yannick Jacquet and Fred Penelle in 2012, we are glad to renew our collaboration with Shiny Toys Festival in Mülheim-an-der-Ruhr this year to present The Erasers’ performance “Road to Knowhere“. Do not miss it !

The video teaser of the latest performance by 1024architecture, “Crise” is out. Check it out !

A fine criticism of banking and world economic systems…

CENC will soon be presenting their new creation at Mapping Festival: VACARM.

Pursuing their research on the esthetics of mixing live video and dance, CENC delivers a strong statement of their vision of contemporary society.

Première at Mapping Festival, Fonderie Kugler, Geneva, on 11th May !


Mapping Festival will host two workshops conducted by the Modul8/MadMapper team !

From 3 to 5 May: Initiation to VJing and Video Mapping
Workshop hosted by Gaël Abbeg Gauthey (FR).

Modul8 is an application designed for real time video mixing, MadMapper is a simple and easy video mapping application. This workshop proposes a global overview on the interface and fonctions in live video performance, presenting the theorical, practical and technical aspects useful for both software.

From 5 to 8 May: LED and video Mapping
Workshop hosted by Boris Edelstein (GarageCube/CH), François and Pier (1024architecture/FR), MadMapper creators.

A workshop for whatever people!
For 4 days this workshop will offer a full range of practical applications on LEDs and video MAPPING using MadMapper, a software from GarageCube and 1024 architecture.
Tired of boring presentations ?
Tired of boring programs ?
Tired of boring complicated hardware ?

Apply for the whatever workshop !

The new framed series version of Mécaniques Discursives, by Yannick Jacquet and Fred Penelle, will be shown this week at Mirage Festival, in Lyon !

We are super happy and excited to announce that the hyper active Geneva crew, CENC, will be at the opening of the great STRP biennale in Eindhoven (NL) on March 1st, with Disorder.
They will present the 2.0 version of ther performance that includes a second dancer.
Also at the programme are Stelarc, The New Era Machine and Daito Manabe…Promising, isn’t it !???

Watch Disorder video here !


“Cityscape 2095″ and “Eyjafjallajökull” in the Los Angeles Times, after their exhibition at the Sundance Film Festival !

Read article here.

LA Times

We are very happy to announce the first edition of a newly born festival in Lyon, France: the
Mirage Festival !

A mirage is a strange experience.The Mirage Festival proposes some digital and audiovisual experiences through a hybrid programm gathering the best of the current new media creation. In association with the Mapping Festival in Geneva, and Reversehead, the Mirage Festival is proposing 4 days of installations, live performances, parties and workshops.

At this occasion, Reversehead will be presenting some of it finest projects for the first time in Lyon !

- From Feb. 14 to 17: “Mécaniques Discursives” by Yannick Jacquet & Fred Penelle

- Thursday Feb. 14: “MadMapper Workshop“, hosted by VJ Lupin

- Friday Feb. 15: “Crise” by 1024architecture

- Saturday Feb. 16: “L.S.D.” by Boris Edelstein & Steve Buchanan

Hope to see you there !


The installation Mécaniques Discursives by Legoman (Yannick Jacquet) and Fred Penelle has been presented at the Festival Scopitone in Nantes, last September. Watch the making of the installation here !

And check out the new Mécaniques Discursives website:

The new audiovisual booking agency was officially born on May 12th, during the Mapping Festival in Geneva.

Check out our list of artists and projects !

Mapping Festival 2012